Be alive and thrive

Embody Optimal Wellness


You’re in the right place if……

*You want to end cycles of exhaustion and learn how to have more energy and aliveness.

*You might be feeling stuck and need support to navigate a difficult transition in your life

*You might want to get out of your inertia and resistance, into your creativity, intuition and flow.

*Or you have reached a crossroad where you are seeking more peace, freedom and a way of living that is aligned with the highest version of yourself.

Transitioning through difficult times can indeed be challenging, but there are steps you can take to navigate these periods. It’s important to honor your need for support and explore strategies that can help you tap into your creativity, intuition, and flow. Additionally, finding peace, freedom, and alignment with your true self can bring about a sense of fulfillment. Remember that each person’s journey is unique, and seeking assistance from professionals or engaging in self-reflection practices can be beneficial.

This is a comprehensive and holistic approach to wellness. By combining functional medicine, energy medicine, functional nutrition, mind-body medicine, creativity, intuition, and deep transformational soul work, you aim to address the root causes of health issues and promote optimal well-being. This personalized and integrative approach can help clients tap into their mind-body-spirit wisdom and discover their power to heal, be alive, and thrive. It’s wonderful to see a focus on the energetic level and a belief in the interconnectedness of various aspects of wellness.

How can I assist you further on this path?

1:1 session  7 Sessions / 1600. (75 min) is available via Zoom, or phone



As a Functional Medicine certified health and intuitive energy coach, I offer a personalized and integrative approach to wellness with the intention to support my clients to go to the root causes, using Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Mind-Body Medicine, positive psychology, intuition,  and Energy Medicine.

I believe in working at the causal energetic level utilizing ones mind-body-spirit wisdom to discover your power to heal, be alive and thrive.

1:1 session  7 Sessions / 1600. (75 min) is available via Zoom, or phone