Functional Medicine Energy Coaching


You’re in the right place if……

*You want to end cycles of exhaustion and learn how to have more energy and aliveness.

*You might be feeling stuck and need support to navigate a difficult transition in your life, such as a health crisis, job loss or divorce.

*You might want to get out of your inertia and resistance, into your creativity, intuition and flow.

*Or you have reached a crossroad where you are seeking more peace, freedom and a way of living that is aligned with the highest version of yourself.

I offer a  7 session, 7 week process where I am here to support you in your optimal vision of life.

The first step to working with me as your Wellness Coach is to schedule a free, 30 minute, no obligation call/or Zoom session to see if we’re a good fit


As a Functional Medicine FMCA-trained health coach, I offer a personalized and integrative approach to wellness with the intention to support my clients to go to the root causes, using Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Mind-Body Medicine, Positive Psychology Coaching and Energy Medicine. 

Energy Medicine believes  that your body is instilled with a subtle energy, or animating life force, the flow of which must be balanced for good health. The focus is in removing blocks in your body’s energetic field that can cause poor health or block of flow/chi and working at the causal energetic level and enhancing the body’s own healing response.A central theme is to use positive psychology, and intuition to resource ones higher self and the intelligence of your body for healing and transformation.

1:1 session  7 Sessions / 1600. (75 min) is available via Zoom, or phone


Book a free 30 minute free consultation session  to see if we are a good fit