Who is Phyllis Lane?

Phyllis Lane is a passionate artist, professional photographer and nature based Functional Medicine Energy Coach. With over 25 years in the creative & wellness field she enjoys sharing her intuitive art and working with people to guide, inspire and support them in their journey to become the best versions of themselves. As an artist, professional photographer, creativity coach, Functional Medicine health coach, Energy Medicine practitioner, HeartMath Mentor, yoga/movement/music teacher and author, she has added to her skills for most of her adult life, to be a force for positivity, change and wellness in the world.

She has been in the creative field, and known as a ‘creative‘ in one form or another, after graduating high school at 16 years, and intending on going to Julliard School of music for classical piano, she got side tracked into being NYC fashion model and traveling to over 25 countries before she was 25.

Her modeling led her into photography, where she photographed celebrity covers, fashion, advertising, weddings along with being an artist and creating gallery art. She invented an entrepreneurial idea that landed her on Oprahs O list, then created, launched, and sold Couture Book, a company that makes handmade coffee table books.

She is the author of two books, 10,000 Hours You Become What You Practice, and Surrender to the Flow, and workbooks to cultivate intuition, creativity and awareness.  She is currently working on her next book to be released end of next year.

Phyllis’s extensive background as a natural born teacher and uplifting guide started as early as 12 years old where she started inspiring and teaching neighborhood kids piano and dance in her living room. She later, as an adult,  created her own creativity group using different forms of spontaneous creativity to go beyond the thinking mind, and tap into the flow. She believes you have to live by example, teach what you live, share what you know by heart.

Phyllis’s philanthropic work, led her to the creation of her short documentary film, Unleashing Creativity, where the traveled around the country filming different artist, athletes, creatives, such as Carlos Santana, Steve Nash, Steve McCurry, Gabrielle Roth, Julia Cameron, SARK and many others filming the importance of creativity, why it is important, and how it heals. Her film raised over 100K for the Free Arts of AZ, a non profit that using creativity to help homeless and underprivileged children.

Her photo journalism has been featured in campaigns such as United Way, Educare, Portraits of Opportunity, Cass Homeless Shelter and Wildlife Project.

Phyllis is an avid student, always learning something new, guided by her curiousity, and her love for learning and nature. She is drawn to everything green, green tea, green juices and green trees. She loves animals, deep conversation, wisdom books of all kinds, regenerative medicine, turning on mitochondrial cells and savoring the moment.

In her spare time you can find her outside in nature drinking in beauty and silence, dancing, hiking the mountain, practicing piano, drawing, reading, photographing a fashion model or a grasshopper, doing yoga, learning the latest in brain science, or connecting to family & friends.



*Certified Energy Practitioner Health Coach working with  Dr. Alberto Villoldo, teacher, author, shaman, learning the latest in energy medicine. At the Light Body School, she received the world’s most thorough training over 300 hours in Shamanic Energy Medicine, combined with cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology and neuroscience.

* HeartMath® Certified Coach/Mentor, licensed to share the HeartMath techniques and technology to help clients reduce stress, anxiety and  build resilience.

*Certified Functional Medicine Wellness Coach  As a FMCA-trained health coach, helping guide patients to optimum wellness using Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Mind-Body Medicine, and Positive Psychology.

Certified Creativity Coach  with Eric Maisel, helping clients to tap into their own creativity, and supporting them in following their creative callings.

*Gabrielle Roth, learning the  5Rhythms Movement, which is a dynamic movement practice, a practice of being in your body that she helps others ignite their creativity, connection, community and wellness.

* Year long mentoring and study with Dr. Jacob Lieberman, who is a pioneer in the fields of light, vision and consciousness and the author of  Luminous Life.






Artist Entrepreneur

Mentor/Coach   Creativity Coach Life Mentor

Author   Surrender To The Flow

10000 Hours You Become What You Practice

10000 Hours You Become What You Practice Workbook

The Garden of Your Life Workbook

Nature is Medicine

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