be drawn

Tap into your creativity

what’s calling you?

what gives you joy?

what is your passion?

What are you doing with your creative energy?

Allow yourself to be moved, drawn into inspired action

Creativity is the path of transformation and inner alchemy.

Surrender to the Flow

I have heard it so many times, ” I’m not creative”.  But I am here to tell you that everything you do is creative. Creativity is the life force and is the essential essence of life. You were born to create and you can’t stop it. It doesn’t just apply to the fine arts, in artistic and humanistic talents, but in any area of life. It’s also important in health and wellbeing. You can become extremely ill from a creative blockage. Depression can be a creative repression. So creativity is essential to the maintenance of healthy life. It is the management of the life force. A creativity coach can help you tap into that life force and help unleash and direct that passion into inspired action.

Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching
$ 250.

1:1 Creative Coaching Session (90 ) is available via Zoom, or phone

Session Fees:

60 min sessions are $250

Session packages and lessons are also available  for details and pricing.